Read Before of Buy

Terms & Conditions

– You may not order files for other people but yourself.
– Do not share/resell my files or claim as your own ( altered or not).
– Using these files on an alternative account (one alternative) will cost you half the payment fee.
– Please save the files and make sure its secured after I send them. If you are experiencing problems downloading
the files at the very start inbox me so I can help you. I will not send them to you again in the future.This is a one a
time downloadable link.You will have to purchase them again if you lost the files.
– By sending the payment you have fully agreed on my terms and conditions plus any future changes within my group.
– No Refunds once the files have been sent.
– Once your order has gone through I will inbox you my email and from there you can send your payment.
– You can private message me your email so I can send you the files ( this is if you feel unsafe posting it here)
– Please dont dmca anyone who purchased my files and please dont set your product as derivable.

I am more interested in your User id( the member number in your account or the last digits in your shop url) Rather than your Imvu name. If you purchase any files from me this means you’re purchasing them for your account id not your imvu name.. Why? because names are easily changed and your user id cant be changed. This way will be easier for me to track genuine customers from thieves and you wont have to inform me that you have changed your user name I would already know based on your user id.

* Please note, if the file that interests you is not available in the mesh you want, please contact I will do everything possible for me to help you, to get my file to the desired size.

– Skype:

*** Sorry if something is wrong translated, use the Google translator***